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list.pdf 08-Sep-2015 10:59 108k unknown 2016 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.doc 04-Apr-2016 09:31 60k unknown 2016 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.docx 04-Apr-2016 09:31 20k unknown 2016 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.pdf 04-Apr-2016 09:32 324k unknown 2016 Iris Sale flyer full page.pdf 01-Sep-2016 14:41 236k unknown 2017 ISA Show Exhibitor List.doc 02-Apr-2017 23:43 32k unknown 2017 ISA Show Exhibitor List.docx 02-Apr-2017 23:22 16k unknown 2017 ISA Show Exhibitor List.pdf 02-Apr-2017 23:22 84k unknown 2017 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.doc 14-Mar-2017 18:07 56k unknown 2017 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.docx 14-Mar-2017 18:07 20k unknown 2017 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.pdf 14-Mar-2017 18:07 76k unknown 2018 Iris Sale Bamboo Festival.pdf 10-Oct-2018 07:57 1580k unknown 2019 ISA Sale Pictures.pdf 05-Sep-2019 11:15 5360k unknown 2019 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.doc 10-Mar-2019 19:38 48k unknown 2019 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.docx 10-Mar-2019 19:36 12k unknown 2019 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.pdf 10-Mar-2019 19:37 176k unknown 2019 Iris Sale flyer.pdf 29-Aug-2019 13:29 128k unknown 2019 Spuria Pictures.pdf 06-Sep-2019 11:22 48k unknown 2019 Zilker iris sale.pdf 20-Sep-2019 11:44 3284k unknown 2020 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.doc 11-Mar-2020 10:40 48k unknown 2020 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.docx 11-Mar-2020 10:40 16k unknown 2020 ISA Show Exhibitor Sheet.pdf 11-Mar-2020 10:38 176k unknown Before Awarding the 1st Ribbon.pptx 25-Jan-2015 00:09 36132k unknown Bylaws-ISA, revised.pdf 10-Aug-2013 17:27 72k unknown FREE Soil Testing.pdf 28-Mar-2015 11:16 420k unknown ISA Newsletter 1986-08.pdf 22-Jan-2020 17:39 1248k unknown ISA Newsletter 201503.pdf 01-Mar-2015 00:57 388k unknown ISA Newsletter 201504.pdf 01-Apr-2015 15:15 520k unknown ISA Newsletter 201505.pdf 02-May-2015 18:14 876k unknown ISA Newsletter 201506.pdf 04-Jun-2015 02:34 1160k unknown ISA Newsletter 201507.pdf 29-Jun-2015 17:57 1528k unknown ISA Newsletter 201508.pdf 05-Aug-2015 14:31 1292k unknown ISA Newsletter 201509.pdf 02-Sep-2015 01:58 1660k unknown ISA Newsletter 201510.pdf 02-Oct-2015 22:10 880k unknown ISA Newsletter 201511.pdf 01-Nov-2015 23:42 1020k unknown ISA Newsletter 2016-09.pdf 30-Aug-2016 13:46 652k unknown ISA Newsletter 2016-10.pdf 04-Oct-2016 11:28 884k unknown ISA Newsletter 2016-11.pdf 01-Nov-2016 16:18 752k unknown ISA Newsletter 201601.pdf 29-Dec-2015 10:58 792k unknown ISA Newsletter 201602.pdf 05-Feb-2016 12:28 948k unknown ISA Newsletter 201604.pdf 04-Apr-2016 09:33 420k unknown ISA Newsletter 201605.pdf 29-Jul-2016 11:04 1452k unknown ISA Newsletter 201606.pdf 29-Jul-2016 11:00 496k unknown ISA Newsletter 201607-08.pdf 29-Jul-2016 10:56 736k unknown ISA Newsletter 2017-01.pdf 20-Dec-2016 00:22 448k unknown ISA Newsletter 2017-10.pdf 10-Oct-2018 07:48 1408k unknown ISA Newsletter 2017-11.pdf 03-Nov-2017 15:45 888k unknown ISA Newsletter 201702.pdf 03-Feb-2017 19:50 400k unknown ISA Newsletter 201703.pdf 03-Mar-2017 13:02 144k unknown ISA Newsletter 201704.pdf 28-Mar-2017 15:29 852k unknown ISA Newsletter 201705.pdf 30-Apr-2017 21:25 1264k unknown ISA Newsletter 201706-07.pdf 28-Jun-2017 00:20 1348k unknown ISA Newsletter 201708-09.pdf 19-Aug-2017 16:32 1524k unknown ISA Newsletter 2018-01.pdf 02-Jan-2018 12:42 1016k unknown ISA Newsletter 2018-02.pdf 10-Oct-2018 07:49 332k unknown ISA Newsletter 2018-03.pdf 10-Oct-2018 07:49 564k unknown ISA Newsletter 2018-05.pdf 10-Oct-2018 07:49 1924k unknown ISA Newsletter 2018-0607.pdf 10-Oct-2018 07:50 704k unknown ISA Newsletter 2018-0809.pdf 10-Oct-2018 07:50 1096k unknown ISA Newsletter 2018-10.pdf 10-Oct-2018 07:51 440k unknown ISA Newsletter 2018-11.pdf 03-Nov-2018 15:37 1272k unknown ISA Newsletter 2019-01.pdf 30-Dec-2018 22:59 336k unknown ISA Newsletter 2019-02.pdf 03-Feb-2019 19:02 556k unknown ISA Newsletter 2019-03.pdf 06-Mar-2019 14:31 428k unknown ISA Newsletter 2019-04.pdf 01-Apr-2019 18:27 508k unknown ISA Newsletter 2019-05.pdf 25-Apr-2019 16:30 980k unknown ISA Newsletter 2019-0607.pdf 28-Jun-2019 10:01 2208k unknown ISA Newsletter 2019-0809.pdf 25-Aug-2019 19:35 720k unknown ISA Newsletter 2019-10.pdf 30-Sep-2019 17:17 816k unknown ISA Newsletter 2019-11.pdf 31-Oct-2019 17:20 404k unknown ISA Newsletter 2020-01.pdf 20-Jan-2020 19:03 764k unknown ISA Newsletter 2020-02.pdf 02-Feb-2020 16:36 480k unknown ISA Newsletter 2020-03.pdf 26-Feb-2020 12:48 432k unknown ISA Newsletter 2020-0405.pdf 20-Apr-2020 13:53 908k unknown ISA Newsletter 2020-0607.pdf 29-May-2020 00:32 700k unknown ISA Schedule 2016.pdf 30-Mar-2016 12:43 828k unknown ISA Show Schedule 2017.pdf 03-Mar-2017 13:15 792k unknown ISA Show Schedule 2019.pdf 06-Mar-2019 14:44 708k unknown ISA Show Schedule 2020.pdf 11-Mar-2020 10:37 348k [IMG] ISA banner2.jpg 10-Apr-2012 04:22 36k unknown ISA-Newsletter 201603.pdf 01-Mar-2016 21:33 584k [HTM] Irisology CW puzzle.html 10-Nov-2014 19:39 24k [HTM] Irisology puzzle.html 10-Nov-2014 21:47 40k [HTM] Irisology.htm 10-Nov-2014 22:18 60k unknown JT Class 20160116.pdf 05-Feb-2016 12:42 324k unknown Louisiana Iris Culture.pdf 11-Feb-2014 04:40 524k unknown New Rules for 2017 ISA Show.doc 02-Apr-2017 23:57 24k unknown New Rules for 2017 ISA Show.docx 02-Apr-2017 23:21 16k unknown New Rules for 2017 ISA Show.pdf 02-Apr-2017 23:21 340k unknown Newsletter 1986-09.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:44 1172k unknown Newsletter 1986-10.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:45 1316k unknown Newsletter 1986-11.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:45 1312k unknown Newsletter 1986-12.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:45 728k unknown Newsletter 1987-01 incomplete.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:52 248k unknown Newsletter 1987-02.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:52 1428k unknown Newsletter 1987-03.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:52 1824k unknown Newsletter 1987-04.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:53 1340k unknown Newsletter 1987-05.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:53 1072k unknown Newsletter 1987-06.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:53 1304k unknown Newsletter 1987-07.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:54 1228k unknown Newsletter 1987-09.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:54 1440k unknown Newsletter 1987-11.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:54 1368k unknown Newsletter 1987-12.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:54 1284k unknown Newsletter 1988-01.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:55 412k unknown Newsletter 1988-0304.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:55 792k unknown Newsletter 1988-0506.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:55 1252k unknown Newsletter 1988-0708.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:55 1276k unknown Newsletter 1988-0910.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:56 1348k unknown Newsletter 1989-0102.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:56 736k unknown Newsletter 1989-0304.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:56 1420k unknown Newsletter 1989-0506.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:56 1540k unknown Newsletter 1991-05.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:57 924k unknown Newsletter 1991-10.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:57 792k unknown Newsletter 1991-11.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:57 828k unknown Newsletter 1991-12.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:57 392k unknown Newsletter 1992-01.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:57 756k unknown Newsletter 1992-03.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:58 300k unknown Newsletter 2000-08.pdf 19-Jan-2014 03:04 2608k unknown Newsletter 2005-09.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:58 1816k unknown Newsletter 2005-10.pdf 08-Aug-2013 18:22 144k unknown Newsletter 2006-09.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:59 2332k unknown Newsletter 2006-10.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:58 1440k unknown Newsletter 2007-01.pdf 07-Aug-2019 12:58 1364k unknown Newsletter 2007-02.pdf 07-Aug-2019 13:00 2472k unknown Newsletter 2009-09.pdf 07-Aug-2019 13:00 1640k unknown Newsletter 201011.pdf 19-Jan-2014 03:04 2296k unknown Newsletter 201106.pdf 19-Jan-2014 03:05 1940k unknown Newsletter 201107.pdf 19-Jan-2014 03:05 3196k unknown Newsletter 201108.pdf 19-Jan-2014 03:06 2320k unknown Newsletter 201110.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:28 928k unknown Newsletter 201111.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:27 900k unknown Newsletter 201112.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:27 796k unknown Newsletter 201201.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:27 596k unknown Newsletter 201202.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:26 700k unknown Newsletter 201203.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:31 496k unknown Newsletter 201204.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:26 1044k unknown Newsletter 201205.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:25 1088k unknown Newsletter 201206.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:25 624k unknown Newsletter 201207.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:25 368k unknown Newsletter 201208.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:30 504k unknown Newsletter 201208addend.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:30 92k unknown Newsletter 201209.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:24 548k unknown Newsletter 201210.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:24 860k unknown Newsletter 201211.pdf 16-Nov-2012 12:23 836k unknown Newsletter 201212.pdf 14-Feb-2013 19:08 852k unknown Newsletter 201301.pdf 14-Feb-2013 19:08 632k unknown Newsletter 201302.pdf 19-Feb-2013 13:19 616k unknown Newsletter 201303.pdf 12-Mar-2013 12:03 696k unknown Newsletter 201304.pdf 10-Apr-2013 14:43 844k unknown Newsletter 201305.pdf 14-May-2013 10:48 1116k unknown Newsletter 201308.pdf 07-Aug-2013 11:03 636k unknown Newsletter 201310.pdf 07-Oct-2013 18:55 1044k unknown Newsletter 201311.pdf 11-Nov-2013 14:34 644k unknown Newsletter 201401.pdf 19-Jan-2014 13:07 552k unknown Newsletter 201402.pdf 09-Feb-2014 12:22 536k unknown Newsletter 201403.pdf 09-Mar-2014 09:57 444k unknown Newsletter 201405.pdf 08-Sep-2014 15:40 1352k unknown Newsletter 201408.pdf 08-Sep-2014 15:43 912k unknown Newsletter 201411.pdf 09-Nov-2014 12:07 772k unknown Newsletter 201502.pdf 29-Jan-2015 23:18 1576k unknown R17 2015 Meeting Registration form.pdf 03-Mar-2015 13:30 72k unknown R17 2015 Meeting flyer.pdf 03-Mar-2015 13:29 196k unknown R17 Newsletter Spring 2015.pdf 03-Mar-2015 13:30 996k unknown Region 17 2013 Annual Meeting flyer.pdf 07-Jun-2013 23:53 212k unknown Region 17 2013 Registration form.pdf 07-Jun-2013 23:53 80k unknown Region17_2013Games-HD.WMV 09-Oct-2013 22:00 216480k unknown Schedule 2013.pdf 14-Mar-2013 17:12 2024k unknown SoilKitchen Cartoon.pdf 28-Mar-2015 11:23 1124k unknown SoilKitchen Poster.pdf 28-Mar-2015 11:22 648k unknown Spurias2013HD.WMV 13-Oct-2013 16:26 400840k [IMG] isa background2_01.jpg 10-Apr-2012 04:22 448k [HTM] isa_calendar.html 10-Apr-2012 04:22 8k [HTM] isa_contact_us.html 10-Apr-2012 04:22 8k [HTM] isa_events.html 10-Apr-2012 04:22 16k [HTM] isa_index.html 01-Jul-2012 06:35 12k [HTM] isa_isa.html 10-Apr-2012 04:22 8k [HTM] 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