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A number books and articles about Fuchs/Fox Family History are available for downloading and reading or printing at your leisure.  There are PDF and RTF (word) versions of each title.  Click on the titles of these family treasures in the list below to access them.

Articles from The Highlander 1970-1979, the Marble Falls newspaper.  These articles deal with the Adolf Fuchs family, the Krumm House and Henry Krumm, Hermann T. Fuchs, Dead Man’s Hole, and the murder of Louis Franke.
     The Highlander - Articles.pdf (225 KB)
     The Highlander - Articles.rtf (165 KB)
     The Highlander - Articles Illustrated.pdf (4.95 MB)

Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother by Ottilie Fuchs Goeth.  This is one of the foremost first-hand accounts of daily life in Texas following Texas’ annexation into the Union in late 1845.  Ottilie Goeth was the older sister of Hermann T. Fuchs.  Translated by Ottilie’s granddaughter Irma Goeth Guenther, this is the 1st edition (1969).
     Ottilie Fuchs Goeth - Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother.pdf (578 KB)
     Ottilie Fuchs Goeth - Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother.docx (204 KB)

     Illustrations from the 1982 edition can be viewed here.

Reminscences by Louise Romberg Fuchs.  Louise Romberg was the older sister of Caroline Romberg Fuchs, and her husband Wilhelm Fuchs was the older brother of Ottilie and Hermann Fuchs.  Wilhelm and Louise Fuchs operated Cypress Mill.
     Louise Romberg Fuchs - Reminiscences.pdf (373 KB)
     Louise Romberg Fuchs - Reminiscences.rtf (363 KB)

My Life by Marco Fox.  This autobiography humorously describes life at the Albano Fuchs farm near Abernathy, Texas, and the move to the ranch in Lea County in eastern New Mexico, and Marco’s life with his dear wife Orma.
     Marco Fox - My Life.pdf (339 KB)
     Marco Fox - My Life.rtf (190 KB)

Uncle George Stories by George Fuchs, transcribed by his niece Sophora Davis.  These delightful anecdotes recall a very rich and rewarding life, as recalled when George Fuchs was 94 years old.
     George Fuchs - Uncle George Stories.pdf (471 KB)
     George Fuchs - Uncle George Stories.rtf (330 KB)

A Collection of Memories by Minna Goebel.  In these recollections, Minna Goebel, oldest daughter of Fritz and Theodora Fuchs and sister of Gini Fuchs, describes life at Cypress Mill and later life on the plains on a farm near Abernathy.
     Minna Goebel - A Collection of Memories.pdf (135 KB)
     Minna Goebel - A Collection of Memories.rtf (201 KB)

The Story of My Life by Caroline Mackensen Romberg.  The author was the wife of Julius Romberg, youngest child of the poet Johannes Romberg and the brother of Louise and Caroline.  She describes the early years of their marriage when they lived with Wilhelm and Louise Fuchs at Cypress Mill, years spent in the Romberg community at Black Jack Springs in Fayette County, and life on the Romberg Farm near Holland in Bell County.
     Caroline Mackensen Romberg - The Story of My Life - text.pdf (332 KB)
     Caroline Mackensen Romberg - The Story of My Life - text.rtf (258 KB)
     Caroline Mackensen Romberg - The Story of My Life illustrated.pdf (895 KB)

Experiences Recorded for His Descendants by Heinrich Otto Mackensen.  The author was the father of Caroline Mackensen Romberg and gives a fascinating account of his early years in Badenhausen in the Duchy of Braunschweig in Germany, his years spent as a seaman, and his experiences in Austin and Bell Counties in Texas.
     Otto Mackensen.pdf
     Otto Mackensen - text.rtf

A History of the Romberg Family 1650 - 1900 by Annie Romberg, consisting of Annie Romberg’s History of The Romberg Family, originally published about 1960, to which has been added an Index and Factual Corrections.
     A History of the Romberg Family.pdf
     A History of the Romberg Family-text.rtf

The Struve Family in Europe and Texas by Arno Struve (1978).  Here is Arno's introductory material that provides a detailed overview of the Struve ancestors in Europe.  The main part of his book is an abridgement of the autobiography of Heinrich von Struve (1812-1898).  The complete text of the autobiography is available in a separate file.
     The Struve Family in Europe and Texas.pdf
     The Struve Family in Europe and Texas-text.rtf

Memories of My Life in the Old and New World - The Autobiography of Heinrich von Struve.  Heinrich von Struve, father of Amand Struve, led a very adventurous life in Russia, Germany, Texas and South America.  Having left Germany during the Revolution of 1848, he moved his family to Texas and where he became acquainted with Pastor Adolf Fuchs' family.
     The Autobiography of Heinrich von Struve.pdf
     The Autobiography of Heinrich von Struve-text.rtf

The Inheritance. Compiled and edited by Gertrude Franke (1987).  Louis (Ludwig) Franke (1818-1873) emigrated from Mecklenburg to Texas in 1845, sailing on board the Gerhard Hermann along with Pastor Adolf Fuchs and family.  He served as a Texas Ranger and later as a state representative in Austin.  He married Bernhardine Romberg, oldest daughter of the Texas-German poet Johannes Romberg.  This biography contains many illustrations and Franke family documents.
     The Inheritance.pdf (13 MB)

That Led to This by Erna Romberg Bartels. This family history of the Julius Romberg family was written by a granddaughter of the German-Texan poet Johannes Christlieb Nathanael Romberg. She describes in charming detail the Romberg family's daily life in Black Jack Springs and at Cottonwood Home, the family farm near Holland in Bell County. Individual chapters are devoted to the lives of the nine Romberg children.
     That Led to This by Erna Romberg Bartels.pdf
     That Led to This by Erna Romberg Bartels.epub
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