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Albano and Gini 3

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Albano and Gini spent their honeymoon in this house located on his father's property known as Tiger Mill.  It was also used as a school house.  Left, the house in 1954, and right, as it looked in 1967.


Shortly after they married, Albano built his bride a house on a hill overlooking the Colorado River, about a hundred yards from the site of his grandparents' original house.

Left, Albano atop the new house on the Fuchs ranch in 1901.  Right, the completed house.  Below, the house in 1929 and 2001.


In 1914 Albano and Gini moved into town (Marble Falls) so their children could attend school without worrying about crossing the river when it froze over in the winter time.  Albano was also a county commissioner at the time and as such had obligations in town.  The family lived in the house seen below and at that time Albano served as county commissioner.  Vernon was born in this house.


In 1918 Albano sold the property on the Colorado River to his second-cousin Armin Matern and moved the family to Abernathy in Hale County.  Below, he and Gini pose with son Rudolph on the day Rudi was leaving for college in 1923.


In 1926 Albano desired to go back to ranching, and he moved the family to a large ranch near Tatum in eastern New Mexico.  They engaged in sheep ranching there for twenty years.  Below, the ranch house, and Albano and Gini in 1945 standing on the porch of son Roland's house nearby.



In 1946, with all of their sons grown and away, Albano and Gini moved to a small farm near present-day Ruidoso Downs in Lincoln County.  Below left, the farm house in August 1972.  Right, Gini and Albano on the farm in 1948. During the 1950s they also lived in Ruidoso in a house built by son Marion.