At the old Ranch near Tatum (Friday, July 27), page 2

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
The inside of the house was filthy and completely trashed.  It didn't appear that anyone had been inside it for the past six years.  Eva and I discussed the site of the little white house where Roland and Avis had lived 1941-1944, and later, as we examined some of the old photos I have on my computer, we agreed it had been along the fence line on the north side of the house, just where Uncle Marco had told me back in 2001.

The attic windows on the north side of the house were removed years ago, but the original windows on the south side are still there.  There used to be two bedrooms upstairs, and as Marco began growing taller and taller, he used to sleep with his feet sticking out one of those windows during the summer time.
Front room window; very thick walls
Front room, completely trashed
Front bedroom, where Cleo Heidel stayed in 1930
The back bedroom; Ophelia was born in this room.
Central passageway, site of former staircase to attic rooms
Eva and Jim walk around the the house
Enclosed porch; kitchen area on the right
Back side of the house
Marco, Marion, Vernon, Roland 1927
Little white house once stood near the fence line and tree on the left.
Upper windows location of Marco and Marion's bedroom
Closing the gate and taking one last look