Visiting Uncle Marco in Lovington (Friday, July 27)

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
When Eva LaVerne, Jim and I arrived in Hobbs in the early afternoon on Friday, we called Uncle Marco's home to see if he could have some company.  Martha, his caretaker, said he would enjoy having visitors, but she told us not to be too surprised that Uncle Marco had some large bruises on his face due to a bad fall several days earlier. 

When we got to his house, Marco was waiting at the door and was eager for us to come in.  He had just gotten up from a nap, so he was not not wearing his shirt and trademark red suspenders.  Marco particularly enjoyed seeing Eva LaVerne again and told her it had been a long time. 

There had been a problem opening his e-mail, so he thought no one had remembered his birthday on July 11.  I managed to open his mailbox and showed him the graphic birthday card I had sent him.  He got big smile on his face when he saw some of the pictures on the "card."  When we left about thirty minutes later, Marco insisted on going outside to say goodbye.  Our visit was short, but it made all of us very happy to see Uncle Marco up and about.
Ken, Marco, Eva July 27, 2007
Eva, Marco, and Martha
Uncle Marco
Marco and Jerry Fuchs' cane
Uncle Marco gets up to walk outside with us.
Uncle Marco at the front door
Uncle Marco and Eva
Ken, Marco, and Eva say goodbye