At Hollis and Linda's Ranch near Carrizozo (Saturday, July 28)

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
A group of us, including Rodney, Carolyn, and Felicia as well as Terry and Jennifer, had a pleasant breakfast together at a restaurant in Carrizozo Saturday morning.  Then, around 9:30, we were all back at Hollis and Linda's place.  Randal was riding his four-wheeler, and he took Eva for a ride around the back forty, or fifty, or however many acres are back there.  I took a couple of photos of them along the back fenceline, and they are just a mere speck in the distance.

Later that morning, Erek arrived with Evan, Emma, and Ethan.  We had a real downpour, but that didn't deter the kids from enjoying splashing around in the rain.  Around eleven, Hollis fired up his grill, and we had hamburgers for lunch.
Saturday morning chit-chat
Randal takes Eva for a ride on his four-wheeler.
Yellow arrow pointing at Randal and Eva near the fence line.
Telephoto of Randal and Eva somewhere along the fenceline
Nathan and Stacie
Randal has a serious moment.
Nekoda, Nathan, Terry, and Linda
Terry and Jennifer
Hollis at the grill
Waiting for the burgers
The burgers were worth the wait.
More story telling
Alanna, Angela, and Brianna seem satisfied with their lunch.