At Hollis and Linda's Ranch near Carrizozo (Friday, July 27)

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
It was soon time to eat, and several of us cousins elbowed each other, trying to get a big helping of the delicious rhubarb cobbler that Ophelia had brought, before we even filled our plates with the Mexican casseroles and salads that Linda and others had prepared.  We dined on the porch and were entertained with good conversation and by Linda's green parrot, which was perched on her stand just behind us.  After the meal, Sophora and several of the women went for a long walk.   Just as they returned, a beautiful rainbow brightened the eastern sky.

When it got dark, I set up the digital projector and we watched the first part of my DVD history of the A. J. Fuchs family.  Half-way through the program, Terry and Jennifer arrived.

Felicia Elliott and Ophelia Bilbrey
Sophora gets some of Ophelia's rhubarb cobbler.
Eva is now ready for some of the other food.
It all looks good.
Jason and Linda
Nekoda likes those nachos.
Ron and Nathan help themselves.
Good food and good fellowship
This is no time for idle chatter.
John looks at some of Rodney and Carolyn's photos taken at White Oaks.
Sophora and Jason
Sophora and the girls go for a long walk after dinner.
John and Charlotte
Charlotte ignores Linda's green parrot and admires a rainbow.
Ophelia and Bennie are oblivious to the rainbow
Sophora returns from her walk without finding that pot of gold.