At Hollis and Linda's Ranch near Carrizozo (Friday, July 27)

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
The 2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion at Hollis and LInda's ranch was a welcome change from past reunions at La Junta.  We had to find accommodations in Carrizozo or Ruidoso, but the change in scenery was exciting and the views were breath-taking.  I was afraid it would be miserably hot out on the desert, but while the temperatures were in the mid-80's, it was dry heat, and there was a breeze most of the time.  Hollis and Linda's home is beautiful, with lots of open space inside.  Their new 12x70-foot-long back porch on the south side of the house offers a spectacular mountain view, and we had plenty of room to congregate and visit.

We arrived around 4:00 on Friday afternoon, just a few moments after Rodney Goebel and his wife Carolyn from Lubbock, and his sister Felicia Elliott from Houston got there.  It was good seeing Rodney and Carolyn again.  I had corresponded with Felicia, and it was fun meeting her, also.  She had a printout of a family tree and kept busy matching names and faces.  Nathan and Stacie, Nekoda and Randal were there, too.

A few minutes later, Sophora, Toby, Taarna and Steele came in carrying baskets full of binders, and Sophora began handing out printed copies of Uncle George's Stories.  We were all excited about receiving our own copies of this family treasure.

Laura Sue and Leon, Jason, Angela, Brianna, and Dorraine's daughter Alanna soon showed up. While Hollis was showing some of us his shop building (which is bigger than our entire house), we saw a large white motorcycle cruising up the entry road.  To our surprise, it was Ronnie.  He had ridden all the way from Wallawa, Oregon.  It reminded me of my dad.  Next, John and Charlotte, and then Ophelia and Bennie arrived. We enjoyed catching up on family news, and everyone was especially glad to see Eva LaVerne again. Taarna and Steele entertained themselves chasing the bunnies in the yard and taking pictures of the horses, while Nekoda looked after his own horse. It was soon time to eat, and several of us cousins elbowed each other, trying to get a big helping of the delicious rhubarb cobbler that Ophelia had brought, before we even filled our plates with the Mexican casseroles and salads that Linda and others had prepared.  We dined on the porch and were entertained with good conversation and by Linda's green parrot, which was perched on her stand just behind us. 

When it got dark, I set up the digital projector and we watched the first part of my DVD history of the A. J. Fuchs family.  Half-way through the program, Terry and Jennifer arrived.

Fuchs Lane
Fuchs Lane leading to Hollis and Linda's place
Warning sign
Sophora proudly displays one of the copies of Uncle George's Stories
Jason Morris examines his copy as Laura Sue and Leon look on.
Eva LaVerne and Laura Sue catch up on the news
Ron Fox's motorcycle
Ronnie and Eva
Steele and Taarna, Sophora's grandchildren, show off their photo of Uncle George
Eva has to look up to chat with Nathan.
Rodney Goebel and Ken exchange some family news.
Carolyn Goebel and Toby Davis
Taarna and Steele sneak up on a bunny.
Taarba and Steele are fascinated by the horses.
Taarna is quite an accomplished photographer.
Nekoda and his horse