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2019 Iris Show

The 2019 Iris Show was held at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center on Saturday, April 13. There were 15 exhibitors: 12 in Horticulture, 9 in Artistic, and 6 in Photography. There was a total of 103 entries: 73 entries in the Horticultural Division, 16  in the Artistic Division, and 14 in Photography.

Best Specimen of Show, Best Space Age, Best Bicolor
- ‘High Point’ - Ellen Singleton

Runner-up to Best Specimen of Show, Best Louisiana, Best Pink
- ‘Pearl River Princess’ -     
     Jaime Hadley

Best Collection
- ‘Violet Harmony’ - Debbie Hood

Best White
- ‘Mesmerizer’ - Stephanie Sheridan  

Best Red - ‘Ruby Lady’ - Dara Smith

Best Historic, Best Blue - ‘Great Lakes’ - Stephanie Sheridan

Best Tall Bearded, Best Amoena, Best by Texas Hybridizer - ‘Walk That Walk’ -
     Ellen Singleton

Best Spuria, Best Gold - ‘Fire Mist’ - Don & Pat Freeman

Best Purple - ‘Port of Call’ - Jaime Hadley

Best Yellow - ‘Glitter Gulch’ - Don & Pat Freeman

Best Brown - ‘Picacho Peak’ - Don & Pat Freeman

Best Blend - ‘Wild Prairie Serenade’ - Marney Abel

Best Multi-color - ‘Hopen Fer Rain’ - Don & Pat Freeman

Best Artistic -
'Designer's Choice' - Pat Freeman

Best Photo -
'Single Bloom' - Dara Smith

Silver Medal and Certificate (for the most blue ribbons - 10) - Don and Pat Freeman

Bronze Medal and Certificate (for the second-most blue ribbons - 4) - Stephanie Sheridan

Special Award for the Best Specimen Hybridized in Texas - ‘Walk That Walk’ -
     Hybridized by Tom Burseen 2014

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'High Point'
'Pearl River Princess'