2005 Iris Show

The 2005 Iris Show was held at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center on Sunday, April 17. There were 18 exhibitors and 121 entries.

Only the best color entries were displayed on the head table. The following winning entries included:

Queen of the Show / Best Specimen /Best Louisiana --
Cajun Sunrise, Lindsey Schell

Runner-up / Best Pink -- Beaux Art, Shirley A. Smith

Best Black -- Magician’s Apprentice, Carolyn Gifford

Best Blue -- Rebecca Ann, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Brown -- Erotic Touch, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Orange -- Thai Orange, Don & Pat Freeman

Best Purple -- Cantina, Lindsey Schell

Best Red -- Cranapple, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Violet -- Mary Frances, Shirley A. Smith

Best White
-- Arcadian Mist, Nelda Moore

Best Yellow -- Classical Note, Nelda Moore

Best Plicata -- Change of Pace, Shirley A. Smith

Best Multi-Color -- Thornbird, Don and Pat Freeman

Best Bi-Tone -- Mam Zelle, Shirley A. Smith

Best Blend -- Dance for Joy, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Amoena
– English Charm, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Spuria --
Color Magic, Harvey Wilson

Best Species --
Roy Davidson, Don and Pat Freeman

Best Seedling
-- CL4, Jim Landers

Best Space Age --
Sunset Point, Pat Byrne

Best Historic --
Mary Frances, Shirley Smith

Best Education --
Spurias, Nelda Moore

Best Artistic Design -- French Impressionist, Pat Freeman

Artistic Sweepstakes -- Nelda Moore

Silver Award and Certificate
(for the most blue ribbons) --
Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Bronze Award and Certificate
(for the second-most blue ribbons) --
Don & Pat Freeman

Below, Queen of Show winner
Lindsey Schell

I r i s   S o c i e t y   o f   A u s t i n
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