B e l t o n   I r i s   S o c i e t y

Revised October 2007


Article I:     Name

The name of this Club shall be "Belton Iris Society."

Article II:     Object

The object of the Club shall be to encourage an interest in the growing of Iris, thereby creating beauty and inspiration for both our homes and our community.

Article III:     Membership

Section 1:     The size of the Club shall not be limited.

Section 2:     Active members - clarification

a) All active members shall be expected to perform any duty assigned, attend 3 meetings per year, and assist in either the Iris Show or the Iris Rhizome Sale.

b) Any member who, because of illness, work, or other reason, does not or cannot attend, shall be placed on the inactive membership roster and shall be considered for reinstatement, if requested, ahead of any new applicants.

c) Active members' Club dues are due on or before the May luncheon - deadline June 15.

Article IV:     Officers

Section 1:     The officers of this Club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. A Show Chairman will be appointed by the President.

Section 2:     Officers shall be elected annually at the March meeting. A Nominating Committee, having been appointed by the President at the February meeting, shall submit a slate of officers. If candidates are presented from the floor, a written ballot shall be required with elections declared on the basis of a simple majority. Otherwise, the slate presented by the Nominating Committee may be accepted by acclamation.

Section 3:     Officers shall be installed at the May meeting. Their term of service shall coincide with the Club year of June 1 to May 31. In the event of any officer becoming unable to complete his or her term, the president shall appoint a member to serve in their capacity for the remainder of the term.

Article V:     Meetings

Section 1:     Regular meetings of the Club shall be held at two o'clock on the third Friday of each of the following months: September, October, February, and March. There will be a noon luncheon meeting on the third Friday of December and May.

Section 2:     Special meetings may be called by the President as he or she deems necessary or if he or she is petitioned to do so by ten or more members of the Club. The call for such special meetings shall state the purpose therefore and no other business shall be transacted at such meetings.

Article VI:     Quorum

One third of the active membership of the Club shall constitute a quorum at any regular meeting, but at no time shall lack of a quorum prevent those present from proceeding with the program of the day.

Article VII:     Amendments

Section 1:     The Constitution of the Club may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the active members present. Notice of such consideration shall be given at a previous regular meeting.

Section 2:     By-Laws and Standing Rules may be adopted, amended, or repealed at a regular meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present.


Article I:     Finances

Section 1:     Dues shall be $10.00 per member for the Club year, payable at the May meeting to secure your name in the Year Book.

Section 2:     Additional revenue of the Club shall be derived from two major projects of the Club: the annual Rhizome Sale and the annual Iris Show. Supplemental income may be derived from such special projects as the Club may vote to approve for any Club year. To cooincide with normal digging, the annual Rhizome Sale shall be held in October.

Article II:     Duties of Officers

Section 1:     The President shall preside at all meetings and appoint and be an ex-officio member of all special committees (except that he or she may not participate on meetings of the Nominating Committee).

Section 2:     The Vice President shall assume the duty of the President in the latter's absence. In addition, he or she shall arrange the programs for the Club year and be responsible for submitting all pertinent information to the publisher of the Year Book.

Section 3

The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of meetings and attendance (with roll call of Officers and Members), notify persons elected to membership, and conduct the correspondence of the Club.

Section 4

The Treasurer shall receive all funds ofthe Club for deposit and make disbursement of all funds under the order of the Club. The President of the Club shall also be able to make deposits or disbursements on the account but only if the Treasurer is unavailable.

Section 5

The Show Chairman shall be responsible for all preparation and the general administration of the annual Iris Show, and shall serve as the Chairman of the Rhizomes Purchasing Committee for the Club year immediately following his or her show. The Purchasing Committee shall be responsible for notifying all Club members upon arrival of rhizomes and for arranging a point of distribution. Two other Purchasing Committee members shall be nominated and voted on by the Club members.

Article III:     Order of Business

Roll Call of Officers and Members
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Secretary's Report of Correspondence
Treasurer's Report
Reports of Committees
Unfinished Business
New Business

Article IV:     Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not consistent with the Club's Constitution and By-Laws.


Article I:     Club Iris

Section 1:     Each year, at its May meeting, the Club shall determine if funds are available to place a Club order for rhizomes. The total amount, if any, to be spent (including transportation) shall also be stipulated at the May meeting.

Section 2:     The Club rhizomes to be ordered shall be selected by a Rhizome Purchasing Committee composed of the most recent Show Chairman (as Chair) and two other members who shall be nominated from the floor.

Section 3:     Each active member (see Constitution, Article III, Section 2) will be eligible to receive one or two Club Rhizomes. Any bonus rhizomes shall be sold by auction.
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