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up Parent Directory 13-May-2019 14:21 - unknown 2013 ArtisticDesigns.pdf 24-May-2013 14:16 336k unknown 2013 WacoShowResults.pdf 25-May-2013 14:47 36k unknown 2013 WinningIrises.pdf 24-May-2013 14:17 308k unknown 2014 WIS Iris Sale flyer.pdf 14-Sep-2014 16:48 392k unknown 2014 WIS sale pictures.pdf 22-Sep-2014 11:40 1264k unknown 2014 WISMembershipBrochure.pdf 26-May-2013 13:42 136k unknown 2014 Waco Iris Society Show Schedule.pdf 12-Feb-2014 23:04 188k unknown 2015 Dallas iris tours.pdf 07-Mar-2015 13:40 76k unknown 2015 WIS show sale pictures.pdf 29-Mar-2015 15:05 620k unknown 2015 Waco IS Sale Pictures.pdf 24-Sep-2015 12:59 296k unknown 2016 R17 Registration form.pdf 02-Feb-2016 12:01 472k unknown 2017 Giveaway & Auction Pictures.pdf 07-Sep-2017 22:48 616k unknown 2017 WIS Iris Sale flyer.pdf 23-Sep-2017 11:11 96k unknown 2017 Waco Iris Society Show Schedule.pdf 26-Feb-2017 14:07 636k unknown 2019 R-17 Meeting registration.pdf 15-Jan-2019 12:40 728k unknown 2019 WIS Show Schedule.pdf 02-Apr-2019 20:34 3608k unknown 2019 WIS show sale pictures.pdf 04-Apr-2019 12:34 160k unknown 9-September-Extra.pdf 23-Sep-2017 11:10 1128k unknown AwardsGuidesForHandbook.pdf 24-May-2013 16:58 480k unknown Directions to the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in Bellmead.pdf 27-Mar-2015 20:43 116k unknown Directions to the Holiday Inn in Bellmead.pdf 29-Mar-2015 15:24 224k unknown DistrictVGardenClubNewsletter 201305.pdf 24-May-2013 14:21 1672k unknown DistrictVGardenClubNewsletter 201310.pdf 07-Oct-2013 01:49 3184k unknown DistrictVGardenClubNewsletter 201502.pdf 04-Feb-2015 13:22 2292k unknown Flyer for Waco Iris Show 2019 bw.pdf 08-Mar-2019 13:15 92k unknown Flyer for Waco Iris Show 2019.pdf 16-Mar-2019 19:07 504k unknown Iris Show Entries 2015.pdf 27-Mar-2015 20:52 524k unknown JCI&DSNewsletter 201304.pdf 24-May-2013 17:05 500k unknown Newsletter 201209.pdf 26-May-2013 00:11 744k unknown Newsletter 201211.pdf 24-May-2013 16:59 296k unknown Newsletter 201301.pdf 24-May-2013 16:59 288k unknown Newsletter 201303.pdf 24-May-2013 17:00 472k unknown Newsletter 201304.pdf 24-May-2013 13:22 568k unknown Newsletter 201305.pdf 24-May-2013 13:23 1044k unknown Newsletter 201309.pdf 14-Sep-2013 22:22 828k unknown Newsletter 201311.pdf 11-Nov-2013 13:10 828k unknown Newsletter 201401.pdf 11-Jan-2014 13:44 740k unknown Newsletter 201403.pdf 06-Mar-2014 10:45 556k unknown Newsletter 201404.pdf 01-Apr-2014 01:12 456k unknown Newsletter 201405.pdf 07-May-2014 14:23 732k unknown Newsletter 201409.pdf 14-Sep-2014 16:11 704k unknown Newsletter 201411.pdf 08-Nov-2014 23:32 976k unknown Newsletter 201501.pdf 11-Jan-2015 17:53 448k unknown Newsletter 201503.pdf 14-Mar-2015 02:09 864k unknown Newsletter 201504.pdf 05-Apr-2015 23:36 484k unknown Newsletter 201505.pdf 06-May-2015 14:22 744k unknown Newsletter 201508.pdf 17-Aug-2015 15:52 272k unknown Newsletter 201509.pdf 10-Sep-2015 00:09 752k unknown Newsletter 201511.pdf 12-Nov-2015 17:44 676k unknown Newsletter 201601.pdf 08-Jan-2016 20:08 896k unknown Newsletter 201603.pdf 10-Mar-2016 23:09 788k unknown Newsletter 201604.pdf 30-Mar-2016 12:17 452k unknown Newsletter 201605.pdf 29-Jul-2016 11:19 1388k unknown Newsletter 201608.pdf 07-Aug-2016 16:04 1084k unknown Newsletter 201609.pdf 09-Sep-2016 17:54 816k unknown Newsletter 201611.pdf 15-Nov-2016 17:31 1056k unknown Newsletter 201701.pdf 12-Jan-2017 01:03 1308k unknown Newsletter 201703.pdf 09-Mar-2017 19:27 624k unknown Newsletter 201704.pdf 28-Mar-2017 10:17 880k unknown Newsletter 201705.pdf 12-May-2017 14:08 1276k unknown Newsletter 201707.pdf 12-Jul-2017 12:17 532k unknown Newsletter 201709.pdf 07-Sep-2017 22:48 1200k unknown Newsletter 201711.pdf 10-Nov-2017 10:51 1320k unknown Newsletter 201801.pdf 10-Oct-2018 08:02 1364k unknown Newsletter 201803.pdf 10-Oct-2018 08:03 1164k unknown Newsletter 201804.pdf 10-Oct-2018 08:03 1244k unknown Newsletter 201805.pdf 10-Oct-2018 08:03 1324k unknown Newsletter 201809.pdf 10-Oct-2018 08:03 948k unknown Newsletter 201811.pdf 12-Nov-2018 17:12 1068k unknown Newsletter 201901.pdf 15-Jan-2019 12:26 884k unknown Newsletter 201903.pdf 07-Mar-2019 19:16 824k unknown Newsletter 201904.pdf 04-Apr-2019 12:35 1196k unknown Newsletter 201905.pdf 13-May-2019 14:21 1120k unknown Novelty Iris Section Charter application.pdf 07-May-2014 15:11 104k unknown PREPARING PLANTS FOR SALE revised 2015.pdf 09-Sep-2016 18:05 476k unknown PREPARING PLANTS FOR SALE revised 2018.pdf 10-Oct-2018 08:15 244k unknown PREPARING PLANTS FOR SALE revised.pdf 14-Sep-2013 23:16 380k unknown R-17 Meeting invitation.pdf 29-Jul-2016 12:44 708k unknown R17 2015 Meeting Registration form.pdf 03-Mar-2015 11:57 72k unknown R17 2015 Meeting flyer.pdf 03-Mar-2015 12:48 196k unknown R17 2016 Registration form.pdf 10-Mar-2016 23:28 472k unknown R17 2017 Registration form.pdf 12-May-2017 14:08 72k unknown R17 2018 Meeting Registration Form.pdf 10-Oct-2018 08:19 100k unknown R17 Newsletter Fall 2015.pdf 08-Jan-2016 20:28 4296k unknown R17 Newsletter Spring 2015.pdf 03-Mar-2015 11:58 996k unknown Region 17 2013 Annual Meeting flyer.pdf 08-Jun-2013 00:20 212k unknown Region 17 2013 Registration form.pdf 08-Jun-2013 00:20 80k unknown Region 17 Map.pdf 02-Feb-2016 14:39 252k unknown Region17Fall2012Winter2013.pdf 24-May-2013 17:02 2452k unknown ShowPrep.pdf 24-May-2013 17:04 792k unknown TGC-V Newsletter 201702.pdf 28-Jan-2017 15:12 4220k unknown Texas All-Star Iris.pdf 23-Nov-2016 17:40 412k unknown The Waco Iris Society Show Schedule 2015.pdf 27-Mar-2015 20:33 800k unknown WIS Show Entries sheet.pdf 16-Mar-2019 19:10 320k unknown Waco Iris Society Show Schedule 2016.pdf 16-Mar-2016 11:01 192k unknown Waco Iris Society Show Schedule 2018.pdf 10-Oct-2018 08:18 400k

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