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up Parent Directory 07-May-2018 20:32 - unknown NYC 1990-HD.WMV 24-Nov-2012 01:46 243236k unknown NYC 1991-HD.WMV 28-Nov-2012 03:07 322964k unknown NYC 1991-Bernstein-HD.WMV 29-Nov-2012 16:48 323596k unknown Meet_the_Foxes-HD.WMV 09-Dec-2012 05:41 623880k unknown KendolphTerrace-HD.WMV 16-Dec-2012 22:33 426228k unknown Ewald and Ruby-HD.WMV 01-Jan-2013 12:17 231620k unknown George and Mildred-HD.WMV 01-Jan-2013 13:24 438124k unknown 2007 Fuchs-Fox Family Reunion-HD.WMV 01-Jan-2013 16:00 508908k unknown 2008 Fuchs-Fox Family Reunion-HD.WMV 01-Jan-2013 17:51 508184k unknown Colorado Trips 1975, 1979-HD.WMV 01-Jan-2013 18:34 190320k unknown 2004 Alaskan Inland Cruise-HD.WMV 01-Jan-2013 19:50 482100k unknown AJFuchs Family Pt1-HD 1868-1946.WMV 01-Jan-2013 20:11 26864k unknown AJFuchs Family Pt2a-HD 1941-1956.WMV 01-Jan-2013 21:04 191152k unknown AJFuchs Family Pt2b-HD 1941-1856.WMV 01-Jan-2013 21:47 243880k unknown AJFuchs Family Pt3-HD 1956-2006.WMV 02-Jan-2013 12:27 492236k unknown Adolf Fuchs Heritage Pt 1-HD.WMV 27-Jan-2013 14:13 125364k unknown Adolf Fuchs Heritage Pt 2-HD.WMV 27-Jan-2013 14:33 123788k unknown 2001 Fuchs-Fox Family Reunion-HD.WMV 27-Jan-2013 15:10 184512k unknown 2005 Fuchs-Fox Family Reunion-HD.WMV 27-Jan-2013 16:08 196020k unknown 2006 Fuchs-Fox Family Reunion-HD.WMV 27-Jan-2013 16:56 2048k unknown 2001 New Mexico Trip-HD.WMV 27-Jan-2013 22:24 505292k unknown 2013 Koelzow - A Winter Idyll-HD.WMV 23-Feb-2013 00:01 538976k unknown NYC 2000 Part 1-HD.WMV 08-Mar-2013 18:28 285336k unknown NYC 2000 Part 3-HD.WMV 08-Mar-2013 22:33 143792k unknown NYC 2000 Part 2-HD.WMV 09-Mar-2013 00:21 363580k unknown NYC 2000 Part 4-HD.WMV 09-Mar-2013 02:01 291720k unknown 2014 JibJab ISA-HD.WMV 11-Feb-2014 15:16 242668k unknown Iris the Rainbow Flower-HD.WMV 04-Mar-2014 21:59 270084k unknown 1968-2000 Ken in Temple-HD.WMV 22-Sep-2014 16:29 261772k unknown Iris Mania - the Early Years-HD.WMV 07-Feb-2015 17:15 255616k unknown Nicholas-HD.WMV 07-Feb-2015 18:17 191184k unknown Abilene 1971-HD.WMV 07-Feb-2015 20:52 264796k unknown At Granny's House in Portland Dec 1969-HD.WMV 07-Feb-2015 21:02 67744k unknown At Rudi's House in Denton 1971-HD.WMV 07-Feb-2015 21:25 171384k unknown Baby Lisa 1973-HD.WMV 07-Feb-2015 21:43 135324k unknown Bike Ride 1971-HD.WMV 07-Feb-2015 22:09 183272k unknown Christmas 1969-HD.WMV 07-Feb-2015 22:27 125728k unknown Davey Goes Crackers 1970-HD.WMV 07-Feb-2015 23:00 100088k unknown Easter 1970-HD.WMV 08-Feb-2015 01:13 161160k unknown Homeward Bound Dec 1969-HD.WMV 08-Feb-2015 01:29 117132k unknown Going Fishing 1971-HD.WMV 08-Feb-2015 01:51 134780k unknown Day Trip to Silverton 1972-HD.WMV 08-Feb-2015 12:01 183496k unknown House, Stanley, Scotts 1974-HD.WMV 08-Feb-2015 12:40 130348k unknown Near Black Bear Mountain 1972-HD.WMV 08-Feb-2015 12:52 57744k unknown Newtons 1970-HD.WMV 08-Feb-2015 13:14 167868k unknown Palo Duro Canyon 1972-HD.WMV 08-Feb-2015 13:56 91840k unknown Possum Kingdom 1973-HD.WMV 08-Feb-2015 14:16 118044k [SND] Village Creek June 1966-HD.mp4 27-Mar-2015 17:24 31820k [SND] 2015 Portland - Astoria and Cannon Beach-HD.mp4 02-Jun-2015 01:20 240464k [SND] Happy Birthday Clenton.mp4 04-Oct-2015 14:42 24424k [SND] Happy Bday Clenton.mp4 06-Oct-2015 00:23 23008k [SND] 2015 Portland Garden Tours-HD.mp4 14-Oct-2015 13:13 535568k [SND] 2015 Portland AIS Convention-HD.mp4 14-Oct-2015 16:02 296028k [SND] Irises of Portland 2015-HD.mp4 07-Jan-2016 22:11 587112k [SND] Hello BellaHD.mp4 19-Jan-2016 03:45 72468k unknown 2014 Novelty Iris program.pptx 09-Feb-2016 12:05 18968k unknown 2014 Novelty Iris program.ppt 09-Feb-2016 12:21 19600k [SND] 2016-03-27 Bella Sticks Around-HD.mp4 28-Mar-2016 16:14 52424k [SND] 2016 ISA Iris Show-HD.mp4 13-Apr-2016 18:57 452580k [SND] 2016 AIS Newark - NYC Day Trip-HD.mp4 01-Jul-2016 20:22 175876k [SND] 2016 AIS Newark - Convention-HD.mp4 08-Jul-2016 15:03 163068k [SND] 2016 AIS Newark - Independence Natl Historical Park-HD.mp4 08-Jul-2016 16:47 88004k [SND] 2016 AIS Newark - Morris Arboretum-HD.mp4 08-Jul-2016 17:25 189668k [SND] 2016AISNewark-HildenbrandtBoyceGardens-HD.mp4 02-Aug-2016 12:40 328652k [SND] Wedding Dance-HD.mp4 21-Oct-2016 09:56 14272k [SND] 2016 AIS Newark - Presby Gardens-HD.mp4 11-Nov-2016 12:27 408892k [SND] A Trip to Spain April 1965-HD.mp4 17-Dec-2016 14:58 600796k [SND] Mya'sPups20170110-HD.mp4 10-Jan-2017 16:28 18376k [SND] 2017 ISA Iris Show-HD.mp4 12-Apr-2017 13:00 541132k [SND] 2017-04-23 Rough Play Time-HD.mp4 23-Apr-2017 13:47 16832k [SND] 2017-05-12 Jim's New Pacifica-HD.mp4 16-May-2017 23:55 62188k [SND] 2017 Des Moines-HD.mp4 12-Jul-2017 13:41 647520k [SND] South Korea Under Construction 1969-HD.mp4 13-Sep-2017 00:21 666844k [SND] Story Of Korea - Secret Garden (1953 Universal Newsreel).mp4 13-Sep-2017 01:01 20308k [SND] Pigfoot 2017-11-25-HD.mp4 28-Nov-2017 20:00 245904k [SND] 2009 Kansas City-HD.mp4 13-Dec-2017 14:22 1016328k [SND] Glimpses of NOLA April 2018-HD.mp4 02-May-2018 12:33 187992k [SND] 2018 Belton Iris Society Show-HD.mp4 04-May-2018 23:51 289944k [SND] 2018 AIS-SLI NOLA Convention-HD.mp4 07-May-2018 20:32 610824k

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